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arrdevArrested Development...Stuck in Childhood
Comedy with Magic, Music and Ventriloquism
By Steve Charney

Steve and Harry have created a DVD! This compilation includes many of the best comedy routines, magic tricks and songs that they've performed for the last two decades on stage and on their popular radio program "Knock On Wood".
Ike the Vike(ing) bangs his head with a hammer. Hartwood B. Aquiver reads goofy poems and Hobo Reese performs amazing magic. Hear about Priscilla the Gorilla's shenanigans and the time Steve ate the biggest sandwich in the world.
And of course there's Harry engaging in verbal mayhem by playing with tonguetwisters, knock-knocks, silly songs and putting Steve in his place.
The Second Edition now includes 3 Radio shows from their popular program "Knock On Wood" (now called "Conversations With My Dummy")!

Still not convinced? Then why not look at a sample from the DVD

That's an hour and half of top notch comedy for $7.95 plus $2.00 postage in the U.S. through Paypal

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