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You can become a patron of Steve and Harry's feeble attempt at humor "Conversations With My Dummy" by joining Patreon.com a wonderful platform that allows rewards and special deals for a dollar a month. Support Steve and Harry now and get a free download plus other cool stuff that only his patrons can access!  Click on the image below and all will be explained.


You can also hear the podcast through itunes below this cute picture
Edgar Bergen and  Charlie McCarthy

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For over two decades, Steve and Harry have been producing, starring, hosting and writing their radio program "Knock On Wood". Steve and his show were featured as a profile in the "New Yorker" magazine and "Knock On Wood" has won several awards for comedy. It has been on several stations around the country. His show is now a podcast called "Conversations With My Dummy"

And if you'd like to buy and/or download CD's or a DVD of Steve and Harry's work you can always
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