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Ordering is real easy. Honest!

This site is a member of PayPal. That means you can order with a credit card by using the paypal buttons. That way you'll get a real CD, book or DVD with the artwork.

If you want a download. Email Steve (steve@stevecharney.com) and he'll upload the album (with the artwork) to a dropbox account and then send you the link to download it. You'll buy the CD on the Sales Page which will pay for the upload (but of course, won't receive the CD since you now have it on your computer). This makes it faster and more convenient.

If you don't feel like messing around with credit cards then you can write Steve a check.

Make your check payable to Steve Charney. That's capital es tee ee vee ee space capital cee aitch ae ar en ee why. 
You can ask him to sign it to someone as well.

Send the check and your neatly-written order to:

Steve Charney

411 Stoll Road

Saugerties, New York

1 2 4 7 7

Ta da! See? Wasn't that kinda easy?

One more thing. If you're paying by check you have to add another $2.00 for each item to pay for postage, tax, and handling assuming you live in the U.S.

You can also call Steve. The number is 845 246 7898 



or call 845 246 7898