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Here are several original books, CD's and a DVD for sale all by Steve Charney.
Click on each item for more info and to order or download 

Hocus Jokus...
How to be a funny Magician

50 Funny Magic Tricks
and instructions on how to be
funny for friends and family.
Published by Meadowbrook
Press. $7.95 plus $2 postage in the U.S.
Kid's Kookiest Riddles
Lots of jokes, riddle, poems
and other goofball stuff
Sterling Publishing
$4.95 plus $2 postage in the U.S. for
$9.95 plus $2 postage in the U.S. for

Mr. Potatohead's Upside
Joke World

More jokes, riddles,
stories and poems from
Sterling Publishing
$4.95 plus $2 postage in the U.S.

The Kids Guide To Magic Tricks
This is a magic book for older kids.
It features cut and restored rope
(squirmy wormy). The magic shoelace (That David Blaine did on network TV). Cups and Balls and lots more.
$11.95 plus $2 postage in the U.S.

Best of Knock On Wood Volume 1 (Red) CD
The best songs and routines from Steve's radio program. $8.95

Best of Knock On Wood Volume 2 CD or Download (Blue)
More comedy routines and
songs from Steve's radio show. $8.95

Best of Knock On Wood
Volume 3 (White) CD or download

Still more comedy bits and
funny songs. $8.95

Best of Knock On Wood
Volume 4 (Doody) CD or download

If you like "doody" humor
then this is the CD or download for you. $8.95

Dinosaurs! CD or download
Steve and Harry sing lots of
original songs and perform
comedy routines that all have to
do with...Dinosaurs! $8.95

Riddle King's Riddle Songs CD or download
Steve sings lots of songs
about riddles with some
fantastic musicians backing
him up. $8.95

Steve and Harry Poke Fun Of School CD or download
Here are 25 songs and routines that poke
fun of school. Great for the schoolyard! $8.95

Silly Songs About Silly People CD or download and Songbook (optional)
with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason
Steve and Harry sing crazy songs
and perform funny routines about very silly people. The songbook is optional for another $8.95
 $8.95 for the CD

Knock On Wood (Yellow) CD or download
The first (and some say the best)
collection of songs and routines
with Steve and Harry. $8.95


or call 845 246 7898