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DINOSAURS! is a collection of songs and comedy routines about dinosaurs. Some great musicians are helping Steve out here on his original songs. Here's the song list:


Stomp, Stomp, Stomp     Bigger is Better     Big Bones   Harry's Stegosaur    Up and Down     In My Closet      
Without Underwear      A Wonderful Life   Dinosaur Carousel   Bones, Bones, Bones    Steve's Handwriting      
My Pet Apatosaur        Driving Stegosaur    Betty Botter   Dinosaur, Haw,Haw,Haw     King Kong and Godzilla              
Knock Knocks     I Wanna Dinosaur     Dinosaur Parade 

 And Harry is all over this album (that was once a CD for Metacom) with his own shenanigans. Here's your chance to buy it through

After buying the download we'll send you a link for the audio and artwork via dropbox.

Here are some samples from the album:


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